Who is the Author of Fun Dollars?
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About Rachael

I spent my childhood growing up in the small towns of Illinois. I was constantly surrounded by corn and soybean fields, the occasional cow pasture, or pig farm. I knew there was life outside the Prairie State, and longed to explore our beautiful country. Even though that's what I wanted, I still ended up choosing a state school for my college education. In the fall of 2000, I enrolled as a freshmen at Western Illinois University.

Four years later, I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising. While it was a fun program of study, it wasn't what I wanted to pursue as my occupation. Most of the jobs that would have been mine post grad were in big cities. Growing up as a small-town girl, that wasn't where my heart truly was at the time. I was also getting married later that summer, and I decided it was better to stay near my husband until he finished college. He still had 1-2 years left in his degree, so I settled for a job at a local gift shop/florist to help pay the bills.

Corey, my husband, graduated from Western Illinois University as a super-senior in the spring of 2006. He spent the next year of his life investigating "what he wanted to be when he grew up". As a graduate with a degree in Philosophy, his marketability would lead him into law school, or into a masters program. Neither of them were things that really called to him as a profession. After examining many career paths over the course of a year, he chose to attend massage school....in Arizona.

Since I had nothing tying me down to Illinois, I chose to go with him to Arizona. Six months later found him graduating massage school, and me enrolling in massage school as well.

During my six-month education at Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS) we relocated from Cottonwood to Sedona. We also found out we were going to be parents. 

In the past five years since we moved to Sedona and started our family, we have learned much about what it means to manage our finances. Sedona is a vacation town where nothing comes cheaply. In order to live here (and me be a stay-at-home mother for much of our time in Seonda), we have had to really apply what we have learned about money; walking the walk, not just talking the talk. 

My inspiration for creating the Fun Dollars Blog came from a year of mindless pleasure spending with nothing to show for it. 

I invite you to come with me on my journey of discovery as I continue to learn  more about money, savings, budgeting, finances, family, allowances and how to make all of these a real, living part of my life. 


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