Who is the Author of Fun Dollars?
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The Place I Call Home

I live in arguably one of, if not the, most beautiful cities in the United States. I call Sedona, Arizona my home. Everyday I say hello to magnificent Red Rocks. Whether I am on my way to the the post office or pulling into the grocery store, these natural monuments grace my view. It is here that I am learning what it means to be financially savvy to support my family. 

Millions of years ago, this was a sea bed, which gives the rocks their rounded shape. Later on came deserts and rivers alternating through history. These layers can be seen above and below the rounded sections respectively.  The Red Rocks also contain small amounts of iron, which gives them their reddish hue.

Today, Sedona is no longer a sea bed, but still plays host to the desert climate. Sedona now mixes small-town familiarity with vacation town prices. Organic food, art, and cultural entertainment are a part of everyday life. It is a far cry from the Aldi and Wal-Mart towns of my childhood. Raising a family in this beautiful, yet pricey town means that every nickel counts. Responsible spending is what Fun Dollars is all about.

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