Who is the Author of Fun Dollars?
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What are Fun Dollars?
Fun Dollars is my blog, but also my allowance. Every other week, I recieve $100.00 to do whatever I want. My husband receives the same amount. Even though I am currently unemployed and take care of the house and children, we each receive an equal allowances. He understands that equality is the key to a good partnership, and we have ten years of marriage to show for it. He respects the work I do at home, and in turn, I respect the family budget.  It is truly a gift to have Fun Dollars, and I want to keep them coming. It would be unwise for me to spend outside of our family budget.

The Rules for Fun Dollars are as follows:

1. Each adult in the house receives the same amount of Fun Dollars, regardless of income or employment.

2. No one can tell you how to spend your Fun Dollars. That is what makes them so fun. You and you alone get to decide when, where and how you spend your money. There are no expectations or strings attached.

3. You can't spend more Fun Dollars than what you have. If you go through all of your Fun Dollars before the next installment, you have to wait until you get more to spend them. You can't prorate your Fun Dollars. However, you can save them if you don't spend them all.

4. You, and anyone else involved with Fun Dollars living with you, need to decide what is covered by Fun Dollars and what is covered with Family Money. Will Fun Dollars cover eating out? Or clothes? Or bottles of wine? Come up with a list and stick to it. That way everyone is playing fair. This is the most flexible aspect of Fun Dollars. In the initial stages of creating a Fun Dollars system, there will be a lot of creating and re-creating of the list. When you finally nail down what is covered by Fun Dollars, be honest and accountable to your money partner. Don't use Family Money to buy things that should be bought with Fun Dollars.

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